5-Line-Spotlight | Inspiration

What inspires you most to do what you love?

About E.L. Drayton

Writer of novels, short stories, scripts, and reviews.
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  • Heracorn

    I’m mainly inspired by the stories I make up for D&d sessions. Which mainly come from things I find wrong in games. My other main inspiration is anime. Specifically One Piece which was the main inspiration for the book I’m currently writing.

  • Bobble

    Great books are my greatest inspiration. Great books have changed my life, given me many enjoyable hours, and I admire the skill that their authors have. We often long to emulate our heroes and that’s what I’m doing when I write. I want to do what they do, entertain like they do, and inspire like they do.

  • My inspiration comes from many places but mostly from the movies I watch and the books I read. They definitely influence the choices I make as a writer. Also, my surroundings as I observe people around me. If it makes me think and keeps me thinking for more than just a day then I consider it worth pursuing and expanding upon.