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see url Our Feedback Posts will go up within the first week of every month. Its purpose? To assist amateur writers with certain scenes within their Short Story, Novel, or Screenplay. Just a few ground rules: college application report writing muir assignment helpers perth Submitters:

  1. Leave your submission in the comments section.
  2. State what form your work is intended to be: ie short story, novel, or screenplay
  3. DO NOT copy and paste your work in the comments section. If you do it will NOT be approved.
  4. Submit your work as one of the following:
    1. Google Doc link (viewable but NOT editable)
    2. pdf file
    3. pastebin link
  5. If you want specific feedback or have specific questions you’re seeking answers to, ask them in your submission comment.
  6. If On the question of LENGTH:

    1. Short Story = No more than 1K words
    2. Novel = No more than 5 pages
    3. Screenplay = No more than 10 pages
  7. If you desire feedback on more than what you have submitted we ask you only submit twice within any Feedback Post. This gives opportunity to others and ensures you give the best time and effort to one section of your story at a time.
  8. We will share this Post to as many Social Networks as we can (Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr & Facebook), but it always helps to cast a wider net, so we ask that you share this Post in your own Social Networks as well. The more people it reaches the more visitors we’ll have willing to leave their feedback.
  9. Lastly, we encourage ALL who submit to do their part and offer Feedback to someone else who’s taken the time to ask for it just as you have. As a writer you know how hard it is to seek feedback from others. Why not Pay-it-Forward? (this is NOT a requirement just a suggestion)

follow source url Feedback Givers:

  1. Leave your feedback as a REPLY only. If you make a comment that stands alone but is intended as feedback for someone’s submission it will NOT be approved.
  2. It is VERY difficult and brave for someone to put their work out there before it is ready for public consumption, in the hope of receiving helpful feedback from their peers and prospective future audience. Take this into consideration when giving your feedback. Be kind, but also be constructive.
  3. Leave as much detailed feedback as you like and know that we here at the Writer’s Lounge thank you for showing your support to these writers.

knowledge management research paper Share the link to this post to as many of your writer friends as possible! The more constructive feedback given the better.

follow site Thank you for your participation and happy reading!

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