Setting | R02 (Part 1 of 3)

We started out with 16 participants and now we are down to 10 who are sticking with the Workshop to the bitter end! For this second Round we’ll be examining their Settings. Just a few questions to answer and viola you should be able to picture where each writer’s story is set to take place.

Each person who is randomly chosen for this Part of this Round, do feel free to remind people what your Pitch was, especially if you rewrote it, down in the Comments section, so they can easily be paired together and we can all get a better sense of your story. Since I am still only in possession of the Rough Drafts of everyone’s pitch I think it best if they share their updated work themselves.

And now, here are THREE Settings for your reading pleasure:

next ======================================================

enter Mystery

view Name of Setting / Location: Toronto What kind of world is it? (Fantasy? Real?) A heavy mix of fantasy set in the real world.

go to site What kind of people inhabit this land? Humans, Changelings, and the Fae.

research paper writing What era is this in? (Time-Period) Modern day (21st Century).

go to site Season/Climate: Late summer to spring.

Online Paper Editing Service Sights: A bustling metropolitan city. A small, tucked away cafe. A run down, abandoned apartment.

Sounds: The sounds of the city: cars, people, animals, music. The calm atmosphere of the cafe: The quiet clinking of dishware, people speaking in hushed tones, the bubbling of the coffee machines. The sleepless nights at the apartment: The sound of heavy machinery and trains. Neighbours who are too loud, and the old pipes as they try their best to keep it together.

Smell: Petrol, industrialisation, the smell of food wafting through the air from food carts. Varnished wood, hot coffee, and a hint of something you can’t quite put your finger on. Rust, mold, paint, and air freshener.

ArtisticBard ======================================================


Name of Setting / Location: New York City

What kind of world is it? (Fantasy? Real?) Real, but slightly fictionalized in a noir-ish way

What kind of people inhabit this land? Intends to be realistic to the time period, however in the story every character is white and upper class, with the exception of the detective

What era is this in? (Time-Period) Early 1929, so the vibe is that of the roaring twenties, but the depression is almost overcast the entire thing

Season/Climate: Spring so it’s not too cold, however it’s not supposed to be hot

Sights: Almost every scene takes place in the evening, however the interiors will all be light

Sounds: The cacaphony of a big city makes up the back ground noise

Smell: Intend to contrast the filth of the detective world with the cleanliness of the wealthy

Nacho ======================================================


Name of Setting / Location: Heaven and Earth

What kind of world is it? (Fantasy? Real?) Real

What kind of people inhabit this land? Earthings

What era is this in? (Time-Period) BC

Season/Climate: Summer

Sights: Seas, Desserts, Mountains

Sounds: People

Smell: ??

Svarmani ====================================================== Leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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  • Kamary

    1. I think this is really good and descriptive. You could ave added a little more to the sights category, but what I saw is pretty good.
    2. I’d add a bit more about how fancy the sights are. It sounds as though most of the mystery takes place in a very upper class area.
    3. If I remember correctly, your story involved angels and muses. Those probably should have been added to the inhabitants section. The sights, sounds, and smells actions are also quite sparse.

  • Svarmani Wolfborn

    Mystery 1

    I feel like this story is very “familiar” in that it is relatable in many ways.

    Mystery 2

    As someone who has limited knowledge of the noir-ish genre I am intrigued how this will turn out. I love how you used cacaphony to encapsulate all the various sounds possible.


    This is my own so no comment.

  • Grover C Rockwood

    1. This sounds urban fantasy. Faes in a urban, modern environment sounds interesting.

    2. This goes along with your pitch near perfect. You can’t go wrong with depression era mystery and detective work. I can’t wait to read this and see how it turns out.

    3. This is the biblical short story? There’s not much here, but I’m interested in seeing how this turns out.

  • SplinterFM

    Looking back at your pitch, I think the setting fits really well. The description of the cafe might be too light, though. I mean, you described the cafe as a peaceful place, and when I imagine it, it’s almost happy. Maybe it was supposed to be this way but nevertheless, I would guess it could be a bit darker to be in the right tone for the mystery. The apartment, for example, does an awesome job on keeping the mystery vibe.
    But then again, I have no idea what I’m saying.

    You painted a clear picture and we can see the setting vividly (it also fits perfectly in your pitch) but I think you could’ve been more specific with the smells. When you talk about “the filth of the detective world”, for example, I think of things that have filthy smells and that’s alright, but I’m not thinking of a specific smell. If I have to pick the smell of a dead body mixed with the smell of rotting food coming from the garbage can in the dark alley, I’m doing the work for you.

    You didn’t give us much to work with. Your answers are kind of vague but, from what we can gather, I’d say the setting seems to work well with your pitch.

    • artisticBard

      The cafe is supposed to be a pretty peaceful place. Sort of like a moment of respite from the darker undertones of the rest of the setting.

  • Arthur Cole

    1) ArtisticBard
    Most importantly, it matches the tone of your pitch. I like the info. It’s almost like I can hear the sounds of bustling city life.

    2) Nacho
    Going back through the pitches, I could not find yours, so based solely off of your setting I think it’s sort of cliche. Very expected and not surprising. A little more creativity I think would really create some intrigue of the city. I love the whole twenties noir theme though.

    3) Svarmani
    Simple and concise, but I am craving a little more. Reading your pitch that I liked so much, I’m left just wanting to know more, but I guess in the weeks to come more information will be revealed.

    -Arthur Cole

  • artisticBard

    It me.

    I feel like more could have been added to the sights, sounds and smells, section, but otherwise I get a general idea of what you’re going for.

    Unfortunately, there’s a lot left to be desired here. You can’t get the sense about what your story is really about. Yes, it’s set in the real world, but there are elements of fantasy to your story with angels running around. Which you left out of the inhabitants section. Your sights and sounds could be elaborated on tremendously, and smells section was left blank. You may want to put some more work into this.

  • Heracorn

    Sounds like a very D&D inspired land. I’m not sure how I feel about a modern day setting with the fantasy elements. Not that it’s new. But there has to be a cretin blend of both aspects.

    Very clear cut what you were going for. While I think it fits nice into your pitch you probably should expand on the sights and sounds of your world.

    I think the first obvious thing is that looking at your answers doesn’t really give me any idea of what your world is like. It just gives me a very basic world in my mind.

    • artisticBard

      My story is based on a Tablestop setting, so you’ve definitely picked up on that. Urban D&D settings have been around for a long time, and they’re among one of my favourites. Hopefully with my experience in playing in these types of settings, it will help me be able to do justice in writing it.

  • BlueLikeATardis

    1.) I think this ties in very well with your pitch. The image of the world is becoming clearer in my mind. However, I do feel like you could have added a bit more to your sights. Other than that, I think you did a great job.

    2.) I can’t exactly remember what your pitch is, but I do like the setting building you have here. I like that you said the world is noir-ish, which helps in my mind imagine what the setting is really like. This setting seems perfect for a detective story. The only thing that I would tweak is the Smell. What do you mean filth? It’s an interesting concept, but it’s a vague line. Try being more descriptive of what type of filth.

    3.) Well, there is not much to work with. There is nothing that really sticks with you when you have such vague words, you know? You try adding more descriptive words that give a clearer image of what we are seeing, hearing, and smelling. What type of mountains are there? If we are in Heaven, what does it look like? Does it have a distinctive smell? When you say the sounds are people, what does that mean? What are they doing? What other sounds are included? A soft, rustling of wings expanding on the Angels back?

    • artisticBard

      Thanks! I agree that it is a bit lacking, and I regret not spending more time on it.

  • PaulWeaver


    I really get the feeling and smell of a good story here.

    I can really hear and smell the location of this story from your description here.

    Looking forward to reading more.


    OK I really dig this setting.

    You have in my opinion built on the pitch that you made.

    The only comment I can come up with relates to the smell and I would change it to ‘intend to contrast the filth of the detective world with the cleanliness of the filthy
    rich’. Ok this is a play on words see

    Once again I look forward toreading this story you have built your setting well.


    Not sure what to make of this as I think it could depend on you believing in heaven
    to say this is real. Are there no smells in heaven or have you yet to decide?

  • Nacho

    1. I love your sounds and smells, really a great description. Only question I have is about the changelings and faes. What are those/is it important to know them going in?

    2. Me

    3. I’d like more of a description about the heaven in your story. I can figure out the earth part fine but am confused on what heaven is going to be like. Are we talking old school Dante style, or something more exotic?

    • artisticBard

      I was worried about keeping everything short enough, so I decided to not go in depth about what they are. Hopefully one of the sections we’re working on I’ll be able to elaborate. Regardless, it will be made known in the story what they are.