Setting | R02 (Part 2 of 3)

We started out with 16 participants and now we are down to 10 who are sticking with the Workshop to the bitter end! For this second Round we’ll be examining their Settings. Just a few questions to answer and viola you should be able to picture where each writer’s story is set to take place.

Each person who is randomly chosen for this Part of this Round, do feel free to remind people what your Pitch was, especially if you rewrote it, down in the Comments section, so they can easily be paired together and we can all get a better sense of your story. Since I am still only in possession of the Rough Drafts of everyone’s pitch I think it best if they share their updated work themselves.

And now, here are THREE Settings for your reading pleasure: ====================================================== Comedy

cover letter Name of Setting / Location: The Starship Integris / Outerspace!

dissertation v wohl What kind of world is it? (Fantasy? Real?) It’s a fantasy world grounded in reality. The events and characteristics of this universe — like space ships and alien life — are not necessarily related to the ones of our real world, but the laws of physics are supposedly the same.

follow link What kind of people inhabit this land? The crew of the Integris is all human but intelligent alien life exists in this universe. The crew is well experienced and a good team of friends. how to start a college admission essay 5 page What era is this in? (Time-Period) Not entirely relevant to the story itself but probably a distant future when humans found a way to travel faster than light and are exploring and colonizing other parts of the universe.

nea help homework Season/Climate: Well, outside the ship is basically vacuum. But inside, the environment is controlled, programmed to be always at a pleasant temperature. Sights: The inside of the ship is quite dull and gray but outside the windows are the great sights of the universe such as planets, stars, galaxies and nebuli.

research paper Sounds: Mostly silent, apart from the humming of the machines.

dissertation bound london Smell: The main odor is like a somewhat worn out new car smell and, from time to time, the subtly unpleasant smell of sweat, when people forget to shower.


watch ======================================================

source site Mystery

pay someone to do your assignment Name of Setting / Location: Golden Spurs sits in the harsh desert valley below sea level between Ninemile Peak and Tulle Mountain in central Nevada. Nearly seventy miles of Rocky mountain and Dry desert plains separate Golden Spurs from Eureka, Nevada, the nearest town.

What kind of world is it? (Fantasy? Real?) Though based upon a real location on the map, Golden Spurs is a fictional town set amidst the Rocky mountains in rural Nevada.

What kind of people inhabit this land? Golden Spurs attracted people from all over on account of its high volume of gold brought in by the nearby  Chestnut Creek, eventually merging into the Colorado River.

What era is this in? (Time-Period) Revolver & Quill is set in the 1870’s, shortly after conflict has settled from the civil war.

Season/Climate: Dry and extremely hot! The surrounding mountain ranges act as a blockage for any humidity or precipitation.

Sights: Over the dilapidated buildings of Golden Spurs are rocky mountains on all sides.

Sounds: Except for the rowdy raucous of the saloon, the only noises typically heard are that of the strong winds passing through the valley and Hawks flying about in search for food.

Smell: The dust in the dry air has inhibited the citizens of Golden Spurs from smelling anything.


chemistry assignment help ======================================================

Leave your feedback in the comment section below.

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  • Kamary

    1. The setting sounds really interesting. With the addition of the reptile people (who I am going to just think of as sneople), I wonder who it would effect the setting. Based on what I remember with your pitch, I can definitely understand why the winter would be dangerous.
    2. It might sound odd, but just hearing it’s really silent makes me interested in the story. Spaceships make for a really interesting setting.
    3. You didn’t really need to put so much info in the name category. I’d also like to hear more about the city sights. The sound section is find, but I’d like to hear about how many buildings there are.

    • Arthur Cole

      #3 here. Thank you for your input. The question is “Name of Setting/location:” I took that as ‘what is the name of my setting and describe the location of setting,’ so I included the location as well. Perhaps I misinterpreted the question, but hopefully you can get the vibe I intended. And I completely agree about the sights section. I should have included the dilapidated condition of the buildings left from lack of care. Thank you!

  • Nacho

    1. Your setting is super intriguing and I can’t wait to learn more. Just to clarify: is every animal a reptile?

    2. Everything is great. Is there any cool future-tech besides the space travel stuff or no?

    3. Awesome explanation of the town, I can really get a picture of it in my mind!

    • Arthur Cole

      #3 here. Thank you for your comments! Do you visualize that Golden Spurs is sort of a run-down dilapidated western town from my provided setting? Was I able to express that properly do you think?

      • Nacho

        I feel like that really comes with the location you described, but excluding sights and sounds I didn’t really feel the shittiness of the town, but then again thats all that was probably needed.

  • Arthur Cole

    1) Grover
    I love all the fantastic anthropomorphic (million dollar word) elements here. Immediately, I am interested in reading a story where reptilian humanoids roam freely and bake in shops and whatnot. I am, however, confused how it relates to the pitch you submitted (unless your story has changed since), but I am anxious to read further.

    2) SplinterFM
    I love your “setting” of Starship Integris. Especially the part about the outside. “…outside the ship is basically vacuum. But inside…” That made me chuckle out loud. Your comedy elements in the setting have revealed to me how your story will be a comedy when your pitch is a much more thriller/horror vibe, so that’s good. The only thing I have as a critique is your explanation of the inside of Integris. I get everything and it sounds cool, kind of a Schlock Mercenary vibe, but your description of the inside is very drab. It is in the inside where most of your story will take place and it should sound more appealing. When I think of the inside of a starship, I think lots of blinking lights and glowing hyperdrives and movable thingamajigs and whatnot. That is all. Good luck!

    3) ArthurCole
    This setting pitch is mine.

  • PaulWeaver


    Whilst I think this is a complete setting I feel that this is not as linked as it could be. I find this to be a list of descriptive words but this is probably more my style than your lack of description.


    A strong setting where form which I can picture the surroundings and scene that you have set for your story.

    I particularly like the description of the smell, it Is a somewhat true to life description which I hope works well for you.


    This appears to be a fully comprehensive setting for your story. We will only find if you have missed anything when you complete your story and something is found to be missing. I look forward to seeing how this actually works for you.

    • Arthur Cole

      ArthurCole here.Thank you very much, and if you have any suggestions let me know.

  • artisticBard

    I can certainly say that I didn’t expect this type of setting from your pitch. I like this twist, though! It will be interesting to see how this kind of society plays out. I feel like you could have elaborated in the sights, sounds, and smell department, but I can still get a basic feel for your setting.

    Your setting is really well done. It provides all the information necessary to get a feel for your setting. I always love the idea of a spaceship being the stage for a story. The fact that it’s described as dull and silent makes it all the more eerie and intriguing.

    Your wording is very immersive and I can feel as I am there. There could be a bit more description of the town sights, and a bit less in the name/location section, but other than that, it’s good and in depth.

    • Arthur Cole

      ArthurCole here. Thank you very much! I agree after reviewing. If you have any suggestions, feel free.

  • BlueLikeATardis

    1.) Aside from the occasional cartoon, I have never been all that interested in the Anthropomorphic concept. However, based on your setting, I might give it a try and, possibly, could really enjoy it. I do not see the connection with your pitch and setting all the way through, and that probably has more to do with you fixing your pitch or something. Great job, though.

    2.) I think this is the pitch that was mistakenly chosen as a comedy, right? I absolutely adore science-fiction! Your pitch keeps making me think back to the Alien: Isolation game a lot. You know, the restrictive nature of being in space, the mystery and suspense, and so on. I like the details you added in your pitch and it makes me grow fonder of it. Everything you have written gives me a better visual in my mind of where this story takes place. You did a great job.

    3.) I think this was done pretty well. I have a better understanding of the setting in which this story takes place. I could have done with more details of what we see, such as describing Golden Spurs more. In your pitch, you said this place was “…once a thriving town” and was left in this drought. I want to get more of that run down feel, you know? Overall, great job!

    • Arthur Cole

      #3 here. First off, thank you. I absolutely agree that I should have gone into more depth concerning the buildings and their condition left by neglect. If you have any other suggestions as well, feel free.

  • Svarmani Wolfborn

    Mystery – Very unique setting. Confused it this was a different plant or not but still intriguing.

    Comedy – I love how this is on a ship. I think the whole thing was clear.

    Mystery 2 – A historial setting even fictional is such a cool idea. I can’t wait to read this story.

    • Arthur Cole

      Mystery 2 here. Thank you! If you have any suggestions feel free.

  • Arthur Cole

    #3 here. Thank you. Is there anything that you feel specifically I have excluded? Any suggestions?