Setting | R02 (Part 3 of 3)

We started out with 16 participants and now we are down to 10 who are sticking with the Workshop to the bitter end! For this second Round we’ll be examining their Settings. Just a few questions to answer and viola you should be able to picture where each writer’s story is set to take place.

Each person who is randomly chosen for this Part of this Round, do feel free to remind people what your Pitch was, especially if you rewrote it, down in the Comments section, so they can easily be paired together and we can all get a better sense of your story. Since I am still only in possession of the Rough Drafts of everyone’s pitch I think it best if they share their updated work themselves.

And now, here are THREE Settings for your reading pleasure:

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dissertation search engine optimization Tragedy

go Name of Setting / Location:  East of Eden

get What kind of world is it? Fantasy

doctoral dissertation assistance kent hovind What kind of people inhabit this land? Human, Cursed Immortal Being, Primordial Beings What era is this in? Biblical

How To Improve Your Essay Writing Season/Climate: Spring to Autumn Sights: An expansive cave on the side of a mountain that houses Adam, Eve, and briefly their children. Wide fields where wild flowers grow as well as tall blades of grass that house two altars built with stone and wood. Wooden animal pens for the flock of sheep. Fields of crops that grow varying vegetables.

educational full phd text thesis Sounds: Soft rustles of the tall grass when the wind blows through, the crickets and birds chirping, the ground being struck as a hole is being made, sheep noises, the crackle of a fire.

Smell: Animal dung, the sweet smell of grass, the mildewy scent in a cave, the hickory scent of fire altars, iron/metallic scent of blood, wild flowers.


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Name of Setting / Location: Earth, Kansas City Missouri

What kind of world is it? (Fantasy? Real?) Fantasy real mix.

What kind of people inhabit this land? Humans, Demons, Angels

What era is this in? (Time-Period) Modern Times 2016

Season/Climate: Maintains around the colder climates in everything except in summer.

Sights: Small suburbs that slowly transition in a downtown area.

Sounds: People’s chatter, birds chirping, breezes of air, the sounds of cars.

Smell: Smells of a standard downtown city.


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Name of Setting / Location: This is the small seaside town of Purbeckshire in England. The town is at the bottom of a valley that opens out like the mouth of a ‘funnel’, where the valley meets the sea. The sides of the ‘funnel’ are very hilly and steep.

What kind of world is it? (Fantasy? Real?) Fictional but based on historic fact. The ‘British Resistance’ did really exist.

What kind of people inhabit this land? Human

What era is this in? (Time-Period) Towards the end of World War 2

Season/Climate: Autumn (Fall) with the weather cooling but remaining dry. Seasonal mists can come in the during the early morning.

Sights: In the deserted farmland and the woods and forest surrounding the town

Sounds: Wildlife sounds, occasional farm animals, human voices drifting from the town.

Smell: Smells from farm animals, wildlife smells and smells drifting up from the town.

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Name of Setting / Location: Black Cherry Forest, also called the Rotting Woods by locals

What kind of world is it?: Fantasy

What kind of people inhabit this land?: Humans and hidden monsters

What era is this in?: Late 1990s

Season/Climate: In the middle of a summer drought

Sights: The forest is dry and dying in the summer drought. No animal tracks can be found and the tree branches are far too high up for any normal human to climb. The underbrush is thin and dying, as exhausted as the trees. The trees are mainly pine trees, but sparse enough that moonlight can be seen through the branches. The forest is well lit enough that there is no need for flashlights at night.

Sounds: For some reason, sounds do not carry in this forest. It is always deathly quiet, with only the sounds of footsteps to keep a person company. Every once and a while, though, if one listens closely, their footsteps gain a bit of an echo.

Smell: The forest is called the Rotting Woods by locals for a reason. The scent of pine covers it at first, but the closer you get to the heart of the forest, the worse the smells becomes. Or that is how it should be. As the game progresses, the scent grows stronger and stronger, permeating every bit of the woods.


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  • Svarmani Wolfborn

    Tragedy – I really love how taking an already tale and turning it into something much bigger works. I can’t wait to read this story.

    Mystery – I was a bit confused about how to have this be modern, but am looking forward to seeing how much fantasy there is.

    Mystery 2 – I still feel like this should be Historical Mystery. I think for sounds, perhaps clashing of forces (i.e. weapons) but not sure if that would be included or not.

    Horror – The location drew me in. I think of all the stories this is the one I am most excited for. Very well thought of, everything is so detailed.

  • Kamary

    1. Interesting, I don’t think I’ve heard of a biblical Cain and Abel story with animals in cages. It sounds like they have a pretty neat and organized life style. I can’t wait to see it fall apart.
    2. I feel like you could go a little more into the description of the setting. The smells might be important, but it does help you think more of the setting.
    3. I think the description is good. However, I think you added a bit too much to the name category. Still, it seems quite good.
    4. This is mine.

  • PaulWeaver


    I think I can see the setting of this story in my mind from this description and can particularly smell the smells that you have chosen. I am interested in how you get to make all this work together so looking forward to a read of your story.


    Only one thing confuses me here but what is a standard downtown city?

    I find this a rather confusing comment as I can’t find a standard downtown city mentioned in any reference source.


    This is mine so no comment here


    Plenty of good description here covering all aspects of your setting. I look forward to seeing how you work all the detail into your story.

  • Nacho

    1. Very descriptive, I can picture it in my head perfectly.
    2. When exactly does the story take place (seasonality wise?)
    3. Great description of the town, does it not have that coastal smell?
    4. Just out of curiosity what’s a real world location it’d be similar towards?

  • Arthur Cole

    1) BlueLikeaTardis:
    Works well with your pitch and your setting gives off the necessary feel, I think. My favorite line, because of the ominous tension it provides is “…the ground being struck as a hole is being made…” Instantly I wonder “what is the hole for? A grave perhaps?”

    2) I

  • Arthur Cole

    1) BlueLikeaTardis:
    Works well with your pitch and your setting gives off the necessary feel, I think. My favorite line, because of the ominous tension it provides is “…the ground being struck as a hole is being made…” Instantly I wonder “what is the hole for? A grave perhaps?”

    2) HERACORN:
    I love the idea, but the setting seems a little shallow. Average everyday things are described. If there are angels and demons then I should expect to see more supernatural elements.

    3) PaulWeaver
    Pretty thorough, except, based on the pitch, I would expect more evidence of war in your description. Is pretty good though.

    4) Kamary:
    This is a great setting pitch! Very thorough and gives adequate information for what I am interested to know after reading your initial pitch. I also love how you refer back to aforementioned things such as the nickname of the Black Cherry Forest (Rotten Woods), and again in the smells. I loved your pitch to begin with, but now I am even more excited to read it!


  • artisticBard

    Very descriptive. I’m really able to picture the setting in my head. I can’t really see where you could have improved.

    It’s simplicity gives a general idea of what you’re going for, but I felt like you could have been a bit more descriptive in the sights, sounds, and smell area. Are there any specific locations where most of the story will take place?

    You could have saved the visual description of the town for the sights section. Because it’s up at the top with the name of your setting, the sight sections suffers from a lack of description. The sounds and smells sections could have been expanded upon well. Other than that, your other sections are filled out nicely.

    This is by far my favourite of all the settings. It’s incredibly descriptive and atmospheric. I really like how you included the nick name that the locals gave the forest. It not only helps with the imagery, but also with the immersion.

  • Heracorn

    Nice and descriptive. I could feel the world form around me as I read it.


    You did a far better job than me at describing your world! Though your visual description should have been put in the sights category.

    Nice and detailed. It really sets up the idea that this is a universe built for a horror story. Good work!

  • BlueLikeATardis

    1.) This is mine.

    2.) As much as I find your pitch to be interesting, I don’t feel like your setting tells enough to connect with it. In a world where demons and angels exist, I would suggest this would be a fantasy world. I feel like you could have expanded more with the environment. What does your downtown area look like? Does it have confusing roads that slant? How tall are the buildings? When you say standard downtown city, what does that mean? What’s the first initial smell? What else do you smell as continue on? Other than that, good job.

    3.) Historical Fiction is one of my favorite genre’s to read, so this is very appealing. Now, I would have liked more details about war that connects to your pitch. Sounds like a gun being cocked back or the smell of gun powder, you know? Besides that, I liked your setting. You have great details and I feel like I can visualize everything.

    4.) This is a great pitch. I can visualize every detail about the setting for your characters. Everything ties in well with your pitch and the feeling of a horror story is even more present. I don’t think there is anything I found that needed to be changed.

  • SplinterFM

    You’re very good describing things. I really liked the part where the location is “East of Eden” as it makes Eden sound very much like a real place in the world.

    I think it’s good but it could be better. Like, “smells of a standard downtown city”, what are these smells?

    Your description brings a very real image to my head, it’s almost like I want to visit this place. This is great.

    You’re a pro. I feel like I’m already stepping into your story. You did a great job not only making me see the setting but making me feel it, you dragged me into it. I wasn’t prepared.

  • Grover C Rockwood

    1. I didn’t realize we had two biblical short stories. I have next to no knowledge about how these would be written.

    2. Urban fantasy with angels and demons sounds great.

    3. This is the WWII spy story and I can’t wait to give it a read.

    4. Urban fantasy and a rotting forest. This sounds like it’ll be a interesting story.