This Isn’t a Drill

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This Isn’t a Drill

About E.L. Drayton

Writer of novels, short stories, scripts, and reviews.
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    Help Phd Proposal Why not to be the hero.

    chemistry homework help sites I run down the hall and around the bend to the only office on this floor. Naturally the door was closed and locked, and being the weapons manufactures that our company is, the door is not able to be busted down. It has a reinforced steel frame with locking dead bolts at the top, bottom, and normal handle location. Flames engulfed the walls and ceiling around the door, but they wouldn’t catch on the floor. The alarm beeping was like an annoying, shrill two-year-old.

    follow The flames were increasing in intensity and we were on the 41st floor, no telling when someone would get here. I ran back towards the stairs and find the fire room. The door was locked, why was the fire door locked? Luckily enough it wasn’t a reinforced door and I am able to kick it open after few tries.
    The power in the building cuts out, plunging everything into darkness. It took about ten seconds for the flood lights to kick on, now everything was baked in a dim off-white color. I wish someone would cut the stupid blaring alarm. I find the water hose and go to pull the door, locked. Why do they lock the lifesaving equipment, yet leave the axe just out in the open? Do they want an axe murdered to come through here? Because if the alarms continue it just may happen. I bust the glass with the axe and drag the hose out into the hall. I had to run back in to turn the water on, was no one else willing to help? I hope they fall down the stairs. The hose fills up with water and I drag it around the corner. The flames have now reached halfway down the hall, but the floor still hasn’t caught fire. I wrench back on the hose handle to douse the flames in water and the water squirts out for about five seconds and then shuts out. I shake the hose, nothing.

    dissertation hiv aids african american I turn and look and the hose had kinked onto itself as I pulled it tight. I let go of the handle and run back to untangle the kink. The hose immediately starts spewing water and flapping around the hallway. I do what I can to catch it. I caught it alright, metal handle right to the face. I already struggled to breath from the smoke, now it felt like my nose was broken too, great day. I got the hose under control and was able to hold the fire back until the fire department got there. I still didn’t know how they were going to get in the room, that door was unbreakable. A fireman walks by me and I laugh, no way. He steps up and swings, the axe broke straight through the wall next to the door, causing a back draft. The pain was horrific.

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