Wednesday Poetry Prompt 388

Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 388

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  • Arthur Cole

    **As white as the frost on my window**

    I once was covered in filth;
    Wading through the muck and mires of life.
    The soles of my shoes were rent and worn;
    Ridding me of inherent mirth.

    Were you there to witness my pitfalls?
    I wonder, were you there?
    Lo, my heart has been found anew;
    By something tried and true.

    Light has broken through the darkness!
    So bright, my eyes fail me.
    Experience proves it harmless,
    But, alas, I bear not look!

    I open mine eyes amidst purity in essence;
    My body now clothed in white.
    The muck and mire has been washed away;
    Love surrounds me forever and a day!