What Makes a Villain?

When writing a story what are the Top Five things you look for in creating your antagonist?

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  • 1. Motivation
    2. Negative reactions to/Untrue lessons learned from life circumstances
    3. Personality
    4. Crossing paths with protagonist in some form
    5. Inherent or created clash with protagonist in ideals, values, and goals

    I’m actually kinda surprised looking at this, but I don’t usually start with #4 or #5 as my top. Huh. Dunno if that’s a missed opportunity or just a thing.

    Thanks for the exercise! 🙂

    I know this is longer than expected, but I do notice an interesting trend with the setup I use:

    1. The reason
    2. Why they believe the reason is legitimate
    3. Why they learned the lessons they did that taught them that the reason is legitimate

    And then 4 and 5 are actually about their connection with the protagonist(s).