Workshops Real writers write. Successful writers find the time every day to hone their craft and meet their writing obligations — whether these obligations are external (from editors) or internal (from an incontestable desire to write). – Crafting Novels & Short Stories | Writer’s Digest If you’re here you want to be a writer and that’s great! The first step I’ll always remind you is to “just write” but for many of us we need a bit more than that to get us going.

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best research paper writers There is no magic formula to becoming a writer, but there are certain guidelines and processes that many (from the unpublished to the published) have used and will most assuredly use during their journey into the difficult yet fulfilling world known as “The Written Word.” So whether you’re a “Plotter” or a “Pantser” or a combination of both you’ll find these FREE workshops helpful, informative and fun.


These workshops will provide you with not just the toolbox complete with every tool imaginable but will show you all the ways you can use them. Whether you do or you don’t is totally up to you, but at least you’ll have them all at your disposal. ==============================================

help writing an essay a sense of place Manuscript Goal:

Start or Finish your manuscript. No matter what step you may be in with your writing this workshop will provide you with support to complete or get closer to finishing than you did when you started. Short Story Goal:

Get all the tools you need before you’ve begun to write your 8K-12K short story. All of the regimented steps can be done out of order, at your own pace, or not at all, the choice is up to you. They can (and should) all also be applied to longer form writing (ie Novella’s and Novels). Here is what you’ll learn to master: Pitch, Character Creation, World Building, Outlines, writing the actual Short Story, and concluding with writing the 1-Page Synopsis.

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enter site How long is a workshop? Exactly 16 weeks!
follow link Exactly how involved do I have to be? Joining the Writers Lounge Discord Server is a requirement to ensure you are being “active” in each workshop in terms of “Word Count Calls” for the Manuscript Workshop and “Due Dates” for the Short Story Workshop. What are Word Count Calls and Due Dates?
my homework is finished Word Count Calls (WCC) are specific ONLY to the Manuscript Workshop. You will be required to give a Goal Word Count for yourself. This number can be changed only ONCE during the Workshop (higher or lower). Each participant will then be required to share with everyone in the group what their WC is when a “Call” is announced every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday. You will have exactly 24hrs from when the Call is made in the MS-Workshop Channel in Discord to give your word count. Failure to provide a word count 3 consecutive times will result in being removed from the workshop. (further information such as going on Vacation or Illness provided within the channel)
enter Due Dates are pre-determined windows of opportunity for all participants to provide their work as it relates to each “Round” as listed in the Goal section above. All of this is outlined in the Syllabus which will be provided to all participants. Prior to each Round there will be a Twitch Session where I will go over various step-by-step ways to complete each Round as well as how to submit each. This video will also be made available on a dedicated YouTube Channel to watch later. Failure to submit an assignment on time will result in being removed from the workshop.
do your statistics homework What do I get after completing a workshop? Aside from the satisfaction of either completing a Manuscript or Short Story?? We will also provide those in the Manuscript Workshop some helpful tips and tricks on Query writing (if seeking an agent is your end-game). For Short Story Participants there will be an opportunity to allow your completed work to be a part of a WattPad Collection of Short Stories as well as a comprehensive list of Contests where you can, if you want, submit your short story (both at a cost and free).

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