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advanced writers Title: The Man Who Can’t Die

source site Format: Short Story

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http://www.blog.friskbrisrc.com/should-i-buy-an-essay-online/ Sand swirled about the desert like a hazy curtain, obscuring the range of vision. This didn’t deter Jonah however, he was determined to find his way back to civilization. He had gotten lost from a group of archeology students that believed they were close to the actual sight of the Garden of Eden. Jonah was on the second day of being alone when dehydration began setting in. Suddenly, Jonah collapsed beneath the sweltering heat of the sun. The hours ticked away slowly beneath the oppressing heat as tiny desert creatures moved about Jonah’s helpless body. After the sun sunk down behind the horizon, he managed enough strength to brush the amassing sand from his body and crawl in the direction he thought was east.

get help homework Jonah managed to crawl a couple of miles when suddenly his hand pressed onto an unexpected item beneath the granules of sand. He frantically clawed at the ground until an antique bottle popped free from the land’s prison-like grasp. The bottle was as dark as obsidian and opaque to the point that he could not tell if there was anything in it or not. Jonah grasped the clay cork that sealed the vessel shut. A loud pop sound erupted from the bottle which startled Jonah. Jonah had fallen back dropping it into the sand.

http://www.il-bandito.com/help-on-writing-term-papers/ help on writing term papers When Jonah recovered, he made his way back to the bottle. A small figure sat on the sand next to it. He seemed happy which only added to Jonah’s confusion. “Can you toss me the bottle,” Jonah asked wearily. The look of hopefulness slowly fading from his face.

http://xpressprofit.com/dissertation-abstracts-online-music/ The tiny figure chuckles a peculiar sound before standing. “You have freed me from the bottle. As a reward, I will grant you three wishes.” The figure waited for Jonah to speak.

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